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Vibrant, buzz-worthy web copywriting services and branding strategy.

Copy Matters

You're smart. You don't need me to lay it on thick. We both know running a business (or empire, if that's your thing) means an exhaustive to-do list. So I'll keep it brief.

Uninspired writing and muddled messages are keeping your ideal customers from connecting with you.

It's easy to get caught up in developing an amazing product or service (and it is amazing).

It's easy to pour your heart and soul into customer service and engagement (and you should). 

But if the words on your page are dull, impersonal, or confusing, potential customers will scroll on by. 

It's no longer enough to simply rely on the quality of your product or service (even though you have that *ish on lock). To set yourself apart, you have to give them something to believe in.

Your story is important. Your brand's story is important. The right words don't just create customers, they create fans for life.


My Soulmate Clients

I love working with badasses on all levels. That means stay-at-home dads that bake in their spare time all the way up to ladies with a massive fitness business following. 

I play best with passionate people that have a sense of humor. And if you can appreciate a good glass of wine or whiskey, we'll get along just fine. Life is for the savoring. 

I'll be honest, if you're looking for cheap, quick, generalized work with no soul, I'm not your girl.


But if you're looking for heart, compassion, and someone to weave your story and values into every inch of your copywriting - if you're looking for someone whose only bottom line is your joy... well, I'll be your huckleberry. 


Client Testimonials


"Taking a chance and letting another person describe something that means so much, something you've put your heart and soul into creating can be scary. I am so happy that I was willing to hand over my creation to KB bc I feel like I pushed the buzzer and all the gold glitter came raining down. Thank You!!"

— My Bohemian Heart Co.

"A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business."

– Henry Ford