Brand Message + Copy Strategy Audit

Are you overlooking opportunities? 

Is your marketing strategy buzzworthy or just blah?

What if you could put a little more honey in your pot with minimal effort?


Without a strategy, marketing is more like throwing flowers into the air and hoping it'll find a bee to pollinate it on the way down. 

We don't want that. We want BUZZ! We want sweet, sweet honey!

Whether you're starting fresh or you've been in business for a while and you're looking for lost money-making + buzz-creating opportunities in your current marketing plan, you want the Double the Honey Marketing Map. 

I'll go through everything I can get my hands on to identify missed opportunities for you to put a little more honey in your pot.

  • Offers

  • Email Sequences

  • Social Media Posts

  • Web Copy

  • Paid Ads

  The process is super simple...

  1. Click that button below to get started

  2. Fill out my Onboarding Questionnaire

  3. Relax while I do all the heavy lifting

  4. At the end of the analysis, you can roll with it and put the recommendations into place yourself or we can chat about working together